the futility of criticism

In childhood, I proved my bravery by watching horror movies like Nightmare on Elm Street. Settled onto the brown carpet littered with popcorn and Reese’s pieces, one arm clutching my knee like a life raft, I kept my eyes open the whole time. As we walked home in the dark, I’d chant One, two, Freddy’sContinue reading “the futility of criticism”

Käthe Kollwitz study

Käthe Kollwitz is one of my favorite artists. She was born in East Prussia in 1867 and her work largely focused on social justice and concern for the poor. When I saw Kollwitz’s 1924 lithographic print Germany’s Children Are Starving! (Deustchlands Kinder hungern!) at the Dallas Museum of Art in January of 2020, it reallyContinue reading “Käthe Kollwitz study”