from the sketchbook

A copy in sharpie and ink of a Vincent Van Gogh self portrait

A study of Van Gogh from 2020 sketchbook. I love the way Van Gogh uses lines, so I wanted to experiment with that. He used oil paint, but I used a sharpie and Derwent inktense paint.

The note to self reads:

J’ai dessiné cette image en regardant une photo d’un autoportrait de Vincent Van Gogh. Il était roux mais le Sharpie noir ça lui donne un air différent… mais peut-être je peux ajouter un peu de couleur.

I drew this image looking at a photo of a self-portrait by Vincent Van Gogh. He was red-headed but the black Sharpie gives him a different look… but maybe I can add a little color.

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