from the sketchbook

“This looks exactly like my right Birki.”

This is a blind contour continuous line drawing I did with my non-dominant hand. The writing is also with my non-dominant hand, not looking. The subject is a Birkenstock clog I had for probably half of my life.

I loved these shoes. They were my house shoes. I didn’t wear them outside at all, but I wore them so much and for so long indoors that my toes had worn holes through the leather footbed. The suede tops of the shoe had holes in them from bending with my foot and had long ago come unattached from the sole. I glued them back together on multiple occasions, only to find myself almost breaking my neck when the glue suddenly failed as I shuffled down the hall or into the kitchen.

At some point, I did the math and figured that those shoes cost me about 2.5 cents a day. I figured they should be memorialized, and though the drawing isn’t my um, best, work, I feel it definitely captures the sad, decayed-by-love state these clogs were in.

Try drawing with your non-dominant hand sometime, especially if you’re having an off-day. It will definitely boost your self-esteem. You can’t blame yourself if it comes out ridiculously, hilariously awful, but you can definitely pat yourself on the back if it’s even a little tiny bit recognizable!

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