Karen Fred is a photographer, artist, illustrator, and writer based in Texas.

about Karen Fred


Karen Fred is a visual artist and writer from Texas who works in both digital and analog media. Her work explores the relationship between past and present and the concepts of memory and time.

On her blog, you’ll find thoughts about art and the art-making process, as well as work from her sketchbooks, both recent and from years past that show her—often clumsily—exploring and playing with all kinds of styles and techniques. She shares these because she thinks it’s important to be vulnerable and just try stuff and have fun, even if it’s not perfect, and also because sometimes it’s just really damn funny.

If you would like to purchase original artwork, please contact her using the form below or visit her Etsy store. For prints and other merchandise, see her online store.

You can contact her through social media or by using the form below.